D365 Customer Service : Voice Channel

Good customer service is taken for granted. To stand out, companies need exceptional customer service that go beyond what customers expect as standard.

Modern society has evolved. Customers now expect answers almost immediately and will go out in search for those answers themselves. Whether they’re searching about how to fix a device or get information to help them with a decision they may want to make; customers are utilising self service capabilities more and more.

However when customers have an urgent issue, the default behaviour is to reach for the phone. The phone is also the preferred method of communication for many people within some demographics.

At Microsoft ignite, Microsoft announced that a standard voice channel for the Omni Channel experience in D365 Customer Service would be available soon.

The voice channel is now currently in preview and having seen it, I must say I’m impressed and excited.

Some of the key features of the new voice channel include:

  • Integration with Power Virtual Agent for IVR capabilities
  • Speedy setup and configuration
  • Automatic contact identification
  • Standard call controls (e.g. Call Transfer and Call Hold)
  • Speech to Text including Sentiment Analysis
  • Call Intelligence allowing supervisors to coach agents for improved customer satisfaction.

The video below demonstrates some of these features:

Voice Channel Agent Experience
Voice Channel – Supervisor Experience

Microsoft’s D365 Customer Service provides agents with a head start in understanding what a customers’ issue is and can pro-actively surface ways in which the agent can resolve the issue – through knowledge articles, similar cases or even smart assist. This is important as agents are often expected to be the experts or at least more knowledgeable than customers about the company’s products or services. Coupled with the ability to engage with customers on a variety of channels (Twitter, Facebook, SMS and now voice), D365 Customer Service is an amazing option for an all in one call centre solution.

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