6 thoughts on “Omnichannel for Customer Service : Custom Context Variables

  1. Hi, this is great, thanks. I have a scenario here. I would need to pass on a dynamic parameter ( e.g. some object Id) from the website where bot is hosted, and receive it inside bot variable (e.g. bot.Object Id) how can I achieve that. In your example, I am getting variable as form of context variable, but they are nor immediately available in bot to take action upon (like triggering a flow etc. )
    Please can you advice.


  2. Thank you for great article and video. While sending the extra parameter to agent conversation screen, this works great, but wondering if any of the custom parameter that we send through this script, can be utilized in Routing Rules in workstream or not?
    I mean support we wants to send some Tag (for an example : Technical/Support/Purchase/General) from this script and wants to use that Tag into Routing Rules. If these is a way, please let me know.


    1. Hi Nick
      Any value passed through as a context can be used in Routing. If you want to do this, ensure you create a context variable and you’ll be able to refer to this in both work classification rules and routing ruleset.


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