Requirement Gathering in Azure DevOps

This weekend I had the pleasure and fortune to speak at D365 Saturday Dublin. My session focused on gathering requirements in Azure DevOps, a topic very close to my heart. Many people when thinking about Azure DevOps, associate it with the continuous integration/deployment features it provides. The purpose of my session was to highlight another … Continue reading Requirement Gathering in Azure DevOps

Introducing D365 Product Visualise

The Sales application within Dynamics 365 was designed to meet the needs of traditional sales i.e. the sale of a product as it was designed or built. Companies offering bespoke or customisable products requiring prototyping would have a lengthier sales process requiring collaboration between the internal product team, the customer as well as the sales … Continue reading Introducing D365 Product Visualise

What is Azure DevOps and can it help with user adoption?

One of the main reasons projects fail is due to a lack of user adoption. My personal definition of user adoption is end users happily and actively using a deliverable that is fit for purpose in the appropriate way. This would require a system that meets the needs of the end user as well as … Continue reading What is Azure DevOps and can it help with user adoption?