Azure DevOps Processes Part 5: Overview of the Scrum Process

The final process left to cover in this series of blogs is the Scrum process. In my previous blogs, I've detailed the differences between the Scrum and Agile process. This blog will provide an overview of the scrum process template. The Scrum process in Azure DevOps closely resembles the agile process. However, there are key … Continue reading Azure DevOps Processes Part 5: Overview of the Scrum Process

Requirement Gathering in Azure DevOps

This weekend I had the pleasure and fortune to speak at D365 Saturday Dublin. My session focused on gathering requirements in Azure DevOps, a topic very close to my heart. Many people when thinking about Azure DevOps, associate it with the continuous integration/deployment features it provides. The purpose of my session was to highlight another … Continue reading Requirement Gathering in Azure DevOps

Introducing D365 Product Visualise

The Sales application within Dynamics 365 was designed to meet the needs of traditional sales i.e. the sale of a product as it was designed or built. Companies offering bespoke or customisable products requiring prototyping would have a lengthier sales process requiring collaboration between the internal product team, the customer as well as the sales … Continue reading Introducing D365 Product Visualise