Introducing D365 Product Visualise

The Sales application within Dynamics 365 was designed to meet the needs of traditional sales i.e. the sale of a product as it was designed or built. Companies offering bespoke or customisable products requiring prototyping would have a lengthier sales process requiring collaboration between the internal product team, the customer as well as the sales team.

The sales process within the D365 Sales application hasn’t changed. However, using D365 Product Visualise, administrators can now associate 3D models to product records. This allows sales people and customers to visualise the product in their own space and make notes on proposed changes that can be instantly viewed by the product team. This provides the opportunity to reduce the time typically taken during the feedback cycle of creating or customising a product with the customer. It also provides the opportunity for the customer to see the product in their environment in order to make a more informed decision.

The below video demonstrates how Product Visualise could be utilised during the sales cycle and displays the benefits I’ve described above.

D365 Product Visualise provides mixed reality capabilities to help customers visualise products being purchased. The mixed reality benefits provided by the module are mainly available via the iOS app. The app allows sales users to place and transform 3D models and add notes to areas of the model to be seen by the internal product team. Notes added to models are automatically made available in Microsoft Teams for the visibility of the product team who can then act to tweak and update the model as requested.

D365 Product Visualise is currently in public preview. For more information and to set up your own trial of D365 Product Visualise, click here.

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