11 thoughts on “Omni Channel Engagement Hub: Fix Missing Presence Icon

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing, I followed your steps and changed the URL but unfortunately, the Presence Icon keeps loading and not clickable. I checked the “Channel Integration Framework” and I didn’t find any active channel knowing that in the Omnichannel Administration there already an active one and there I did the changes.

    Any idea why this problem keeps occur?

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      1. Hello,
        I do have the same issue
        i checked Channel Integration Framework app but the omni channel doesn’t exist in it

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      2. There are two different tables now. The best option is to do an advanced find and look at both tables. You’ll be able to see omnichannel using the historical table record.

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  2. Hi it seems the loader gets stuck at 25% and then I get the following error;

    There was a problem with your single sign-on account. Please sign out of all Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and sign in again. If this continues, have your administrator contact Microsoft Support with client session ID: 1a9158c0-b67b-4b8e-86eb-b23b50a90dea.

    with a red error dot for the icon “presence loading failed”

    Are you familiar with this issue?


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    1. Hi

      You can resolve this by going to Azure Active Directory and disabling security defaults or setting up MFA for the account in question.


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