Azure DevOps Processes Part 3: Overview of the CMMI Process

I have been slowly working my way through detailing the standard processes available within Azure DevOps. In my previous post, I provided an overview of the Basic process - the simplest process available. This post is fully dedicated to the CMMI process. The CMMI ( Capability Maturity Model Index) process closely aligns to the waterfall … Continue reading Azure DevOps Processes Part 3: Overview of the CMMI Process

Azure DevOps Processes Part 2: Overview of the Basic Process

Each standard process provides different work items which allows users to track work in different ways. Work items available in the basic process are: Basic Process Work Items Epics: Epics are considered the top of the hierarchy within Azure DevOps. As such this work item really defines the process at a high level and what … Continue reading Azure DevOps Processes Part 2: Overview of the Basic Process

Azure DevOps Processes: Part 1

To me, setting up a DevOps implementation is akin to a customer engagement project. In both instances we need to understand the current processes being used by stakeholders, identify the minimal viable product and design and build according to the identified requirements/needs of the business. Most businesses have a standard process they already adhere to. … Continue reading Azure DevOps Processes: Part 1

Requirement Gathering in Azure DevOps

This weekend I had the pleasure and fortune to speak at D365 Saturday Dublin. My session focused on gathering requirements in Azure DevOps, a topic very close to my heart. Many people when thinking about Azure DevOps, associate it with the continuous integration/deployment features it provides. The purpose of my session was to highlight another … Continue reading Requirement Gathering in Azure DevOps

A DevOps Journey: The Intro

Azure DevOps is being recognised more and more for its contribution in allowing teams to provide quality output more frequently and transparently. Microsoft have even finally released the long awaited PowerApps builder tools as well as a strategy for D365 Application Life-Cycle Management to help with the continuous build and deployment of power platform applications. … Continue reading A DevOps Journey: The Intro

Introducing D365 Product Visualise

The Sales application within Dynamics 365 was designed to meet the needs of traditional sales i.e. the sale of a product as it was designed or built. Companies offering bespoke or customisable products requiring prototyping would have a lengthier sales process requiring collaboration between the internal product team, the customer as well as the sales … Continue reading Introducing D365 Product Visualise

Allow me to Introduce myself

Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm Tricia Sinclair, a D365 consultant with over 10 years experience in Dynamics Customer Engagement applications. My current passions are my family, D365 and cake (extremely partial to cupcakes). After speaking at several D365 Saturday events, I felt drawn to engage more with the community and share my experiences, … Continue reading Allow me to Introduce myself

What is Azure DevOps and can it help with user adoption?

One of the main reasons projects fail is due to a lack of user adoption. My personal definition of user adoption is end users happily and actively using a deliverable that is fit for purpose in the appropriate way. This would require a system that meets the needs of the end user as well as … Continue reading What is Azure DevOps and can it help with user adoption?