6 thoughts on “Behind Omnichannel Native Voice

    1. Hi Remy

      ACS would be perfect embedded within another bus app eg sales for audio and video calls but as OmniChannel voice adds so much on top – I wouldn’t recreate it for OmniChannel.

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  1. Hi Tricia
    This is a great articel. I was wondering form where we can purchase the claling plans/subscriptions.
    I mean we are done with all the setups, but for setting up the phone numbers, do we need a physical SIM or its like we purchase the Calling plans in US and, set up the things in ACS after that

    Appreciate your response this

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    1. Hi
      This is going to depend on your carrier. If Microsoft is your carrier, the cost of the phone calls are in your azure consumption via ACS. Alternatively the cost of your calling plans will be via your carrier.
      Hope this helps!

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